Paper Straws Drinking Straws Biodegradable - Bleach Free - 180 pieces Eco Straws

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Our Paper Drinking Straws are Biodegradable & Compostable. 
Their standard diameter of 0.5 CM makes them safer for children & perfect for Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrations & Decorations Family Fun, celebrations, Just Married Decorations, Ornaments, Baby Showers, Christening, Graduations, Engagements Parties, Everyday Use, Anniversaries, Parties, Beach Days. 
For your safety we use high quality materials: BPA Free Food Grade Bleach Free Paper.
Our paper straws length is 20 CM length and the 0.50 CM diameter makes them perfect to fit your straws dispenser.
By using our Biodegradable degradable alternative novelty  to disposable plastic straw you save the sea from plastic, protect the food chain and protect your children, our compostable paper Straws are a sturdy eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic, glass & stainless steel straws which can hurt/cut.
Like you we care about the environment and we package them in recyclable packaging. 
Use them to drink your favourite drinks, sodas, juices, cocktails, margaritas, your Starbucks cold drinks & milkshakes.
NOT suitable for hot drinks.
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