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What our customers say:

I Love my glugglug flexible Wide straws green & purple! I had them for a year and they are still full on...never dispose another straw again! Love glugglug...Love the Sea! Thank you :)

Annie, Missouri USA

We really love our glugglug SKINNY straws Orange & Purple! Both my children have AUTISM and have trouble drinking - we have been using disposable plastic straws for years while I've been searching for an alternative. The metal reusable straws didn't meet their sensory need to bite down on the straw - so these silicone straws are a total godsend. My kids have transitioned seamlessly to them, they are easy to clean, and I am thrilled to finally no longer be using plastic straws. Thank you!!!

A Grateful Mum, London United Kingdom

Amazing customer service. Alongside great product. Coupled with reducing plastics. What’s not to love??

Kerry, United Kingdom

My husband suffers from Parkinson's. Until we found glugglug wide green and purple silicone straws he was constantly hurting himself when trying to drink with a disposable hard straws. I am so happy to see him enjoying his drinks with these straws now, with the large diameter he can drink any thick liquid including soups and we do not have to buy straws anymore! Thank you glugglug!  

Chris - Birmingham, UK

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